3 Tips to ‘Sell My House Faster’

Virtual staging, typically ranging from $60 to $130 per room shot provides a lotta bang for the buck. – I use it to sell my houses faster.’-JP    Boston, M

Here are some creative strategies to help ‘sell my house faster’.
1. Tempt the Buyer or the Buyer’s Broker

Forget about bidding wars. If they want their property to move these days, sellers have to offer incentives to the buyers and even their brokers. An agent certainly has more reason to show properties that offer the best incentives, foregoing those that don’t.

Offer a powerful incentive for brokers to bring in as many potential buyers as possible. Perks range from a two-year lease on a high-end car (for the buyer) to a $5,000 gift card to an all-paid trip to Hawaii (for the buyer’s agent).

For the strategy to work, set a deadline. Offer that trip to Hawaii if the contract is written by a certain drop dead date. Get creative. Create urgency. If they snooze – they lose.

2. Stage Your House

As much as you love your dark blue walls and your great grandmothers portrait over the fireplace, chances are they’ll put a chill into potential buyers. You want people to step into the house and picture themselves living there.

Often this means “staging” the property with really nice furniture — typically rented from a local boutique furniture store – or hiring a “virtual stager” to impose virtual furniture into pictures of the vacant property.

Research shows that well staged homes sell approximately 32% faster. Granted, it doesn’t come cheap: Renting furniture may cost between $2,000 and $3,000 a month depending of course, on a multitude of local conditions and choices.

At the time of this writing, homes are in the process of losing up to half their value, with foreclosures and unemployment on the rise.  Homeowners unable to maintain their homes and sometimes desperate to sell, can’t afford traditional staging.

Virtual staging, with prices typically ranging from $60 to $130 per room shot provides “a lotta bang for the buck” according to one enthusiastic real estate broker, “I use it to sell my houses faster”.

3. Do Your Homework

Just got an offer? Be prepared to act fast, having completed all manner of reports and paperwork in advance — the termite report, for example or title insurance matters.

The minute you get an offer give all those reports to the buyer and the buyer’s agent and they can review them within a few days. That’s when they’re most excited about the property.

The longer it takes to receive these documents, the more likely it is that the buyer will see another property they like, or reconsider, and in some states they have several days to back out of contracts.

Conclusion: To Sell any House Faster, Consider the Following:

1-Provide irresistibly tempting incentives to buyers or selling agents.

2-Prepare ahead of time so buyers will not lose enthusiasm while waiting for information they need to finalize the deal.

3-Stage the home with furniture – and take the pictures that will capture attention when posted online. Alternative – use the services of a to help you sell!   article found at:

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